I Used To Suffer Constant Vertigo.
Then I Discovered These Easy Head Balance Exercises.
Now, I Haven’t Had A Vertigo Attack For Over Two Years.

Case Study: Wendy Harrison

I remember clearly the day I woke up and my dizziness had gone.

The feeling was so strange that I almost didn’t like it.

I’d had 5 solid months of vertigo symptoms – head spinning, nausea, throwing up, ears ringing, eyes hurting…

And yet as horrible as the experience was when it suddenly wasn’t there anymore things felt… odd.

It was a just another morning nearly 2 years ago. I’d lay there on my bed, eyes slowly adjusting to the new morning.

And I’d noticed almost immediately that something was missing…

The dizziness that had been my companion for nearly all the previous 5 months.

At first it was confusing. I couldn’t quite take in what had happened.

I sat up. Very, very slowly – which had been my habit ever since that first attack.

Did I feel anything?

At first, no. Nothing at all.

Just the absence of spinning.

But as I came into full consciousness I did feel something.

A faint movement of the room… very slight but still present.

Although nothing like the spinning I had grown used to over the previous 150 days.

I turned my head – again, slowly – to look at the clock on my bedside table.

The time is forever etched in my memory: 6:47am

After 5 months of depressing, miserable and hopeless suffering my vertigo virtually disappeared at 6.47 that morning.

Over the next couple of days the last remnants of that miserable condition finally went altogether.

And it’s never been back.

I looked over to my sleeping husband – I stared at him, wondering if I should wake him and tell him.

Instead, I savored the feeling on my own. Just for a couple of minutes.

I wanted to enjoy this incredible new feeling.

Throughout that morning I felt like I was in a dream world. My husband couldn’t believe what had happened either.

He kept asking me, “How do you feel? Has it come back?”

And I’d smile a nervous smile as I told him, “No. It’s still gone.”

On and off that day I just cried.

I’d cried a lot over the previous months but this was different.

These were tears of happiness. Of relief. Of joy.

And these happy tears continued for days afterwards. As it sunk in.

My vertigo was gone.

There was something else I kept thinking of over and over.

And that was just how lucky I’d been to find the remedy to my illness.

And when I say ‘luck’ I mean it in the purest sense.

Because I’d spent months trying to get rid of my vertigo and nothing had worked.

I had stumbled on the program that did the job for me while trying to solve a completely different problem.

It’s the strangest story you’ll have ever heard

Here’s what happened:

For years I’ve been snoring at night.

It’s driven my husband mad.

It even woke me up at times.

I really had to address the problem.

A few weeks before my vertigo kicked in I had read a review about an alternative health approach to stopping snoring. The program’s creator was Christian Goodman.

Christian had a strong reputation as an advisor on natural remedies to common but difficult ailments. So it seemed like a safe bet.

The program had worked for many people and the reviews were very positive. I decided I needed to do something positive for myself so I ordered it.

I received the program in my email that afternoon. But for some reason I didn’t use it straight away.

I guess I was a bit too busy to read the material.

But a few days later the dizziness started

And I quickly realized that snoring was the least of my problems.

If you suffer from ongoing vertigo – or vertigo-like dizziness – you know what it can be like.

This wasn’t that mild dizziness that you get if you’re a bit tired.

Ot if you had that extra glass of wine that you shouldn’t have.

This dizziness is no fun at all.

The sensation of spinning is sickening.

At its worst the nausea caused by the spinning actually made me physically sick.

The feeling of almost total lack of balance is terrifying.

My GP was sympathetic. She asked me lots of questions about my experience.

She had me lay on a bed while she moved my head around and checked for changes in the dizziness.

I performed coordination exercises.

When we were done she told me that the dizziness should reduce on its own.

Come back in 4 weeks if it doesn’t!

My GP didn’t know what the cause was

And that’s what’s frustrating about dizziness and vertigo. It isn’t an illness itself.

It’s a symptom of something else.

And there are many candidates for what that something else might be.

In my case, the main candidate seemed to be ‘We don’t know’.

My dizziness didn’t go after 4 weeks.

It remained as bad as before.

I became very, very worried about the spinning causing me to fall and hurt myself.

People with bad dizziness or vertigo are prone to falling. Head injuries are not uncommon.

I worried constantly that I’d fall and badly hurt myself.

What became worse though was my mental state.

The days became weeks and the ongoing misery wore me down.

I couldn’t drive a car – which meant I couldn’t get to work.

If I could get there I could barely function.

I had to lie down countless times per day – and there was nowhere in my office where we could place a bed.

Just as bad was that I no longer felt able to socialise.

Nausea ruined many waking activities. Even normal tasks – making a cup of tea – could take an hour if my head was spinning.

Constant dizziness ruined my concentration.

My moods were low. I felt useless.

I became panicky. Short-tempered.

4 weeks later and it wasn’t getting better – it was getting worse

My GP sent me to a specialist for a brain scan.

The specialist explained that dizziness was the result of a fault in the body’s balancing system.

The cause of the fault wasn’t always easy to identify.

But since it hadn’t gone on its own he booked me in for more tests.

I had a videonystagmography, a posturography a hearing test, a coloric test…

Which, in the end, revealed nothing.

The final irony was the specialist’s warning that stress and anxiety would make my vertigo worse.

I was already stressed, anxious – and thoroughly miserable! How could I not be?

So to add to everything else I was now anxious about my anxiety and stressed about my stress….

I went through all the specialists.

  1. Neurologist. ENT specialist. An audiovestibular physician. An osteopath.

With each failed investigation I became more upset, more hopeless.

And more anxious and depressed.

And still my head spun.

Still I couldn’t drive, work or socialise.

The ringing in my ears was getting worse.

And that was harming my eye-sight.

(It’s incredible how connected ears and eyes are).

So my dizziness may never end?

At its absolute scariest the specialist informed me that in some cases a person suffered vertigo for years.


I had spoken to someone on a forum who’d had it for 10 months.

But years sounded like the ultimate nightmare.

Maybe it would never heal?

The specialist told me that if that happened surgery might become necessary. And that may involve blocking one of the fluid-filled canals in my ear.

Which was pretty much the last thing I wanted to hear.

I was horrified at the prospect.

But something had to be done.

So delicate was my condition that the slightest thing sent my head into an awful spin.

Which brings me right back to my snoring problem.

My snoring made me dizzy in my sleep… which would then wake me up with a start.

And that sudden awakening would itself disorientate me.

It was a horribly vicious circle.

I was already very low during the day simply because of anxiety over my intense dizziness.

Now the snoring/dizziness combination was ruining my sleep.

Could I at least stop the snoring?

We’d had zero success trying to uncover the causes of my dizziness.

But I thought that if I could at least stop my snoring then maybe I’d get a night’s sleep.

I needed at least one victory over this horrible condition.

So I opened Christian Goodman’s snoring program and followed his instructions.

It was all pretty easy. Which was useful because I wasn’t capable of much.

The program told me that snoring is the result of inefficient breathing.

Breathing properly relies on certain muscles being relaxed.

That’s mostly muscles in the shoulders, neck, mouth, tongue and face.

Christian’s snoring program consists of a series of exercises designed to relax those muscles.

Once those muscles are relaxed snoring reduces – or stops altogether.

The theory is simple, the exercises are effective and my snoring started to subside.

But something else happened that I absolutely wasn’t prepared for.

Something that wasn’t meant to happen at all.

Because as my snoring reduced…. so too did my vertigo.

To say I was very confused at first is an understatement.

I had carried out the snoring exercises as described in the program – 4 or 5 minutes a day. Easy.

I didn’t really notice anything for a few days.

Then it became apparent that my snoring had become less of a problem.

Another week or so later it appeared to have stopped completely.

Which was what I had hoped for when I bought the program. So I was happy with that.

But what I certainly hadn’t bargained for was the change in my dizziness.

That had dramatically changed too!

You might imagine how baffled I was.

Just to be completely accurate, it didn’t completely go.

It just seemed… different.

It was as if the dizziness was struggling to affect me.

As if it was having to work at it.

I mean, it got me in the end.

But it just didn’t seem to come as easily as before. And it didn’t seem to be as long-lasting.

I know how strange that sounds. I can’t describe it in any other way.

But then, one day, at 6:47 in the morning, about 10 days after starting the snoring program, it simply disappeared.

I woke up and my vertigo was as good as gone.

And I just could not believe what had happened.

So… what had happened?

My husband suspected the snoring program.

I thought that was a ridiculous idea.

After all, I had done neck and face exercises to stop my snoring.

Vertigo and snoring have nothing in common.

Or so I thought.

But my husband was convinced there was more to it.

At his prompting I wrote a letter to Christian Goodman and told him what had happened.

Even Christian didn’t believe in his own cure!

Christian was as sceptical as I was.

He could see no way that a program designed to relax neck and face muscles for a snoring problem could affect a problem related to balance.

So that’s where we left it.

Except, about 3 weeks later, a rather breathless Christian telephoned me.

My release from vertigo while using his snoring program had played on his mind.

He’d not been able to let it go and ended up researching the heck out of dizziness in general and vertigo in particular.

And he’d discovered something he himself had not in any way expected:

My symptoms may very well have been caused by tight muscles around my neck and ears – and the subsequent blocking of blood flow to my head.

By working those muscles they unknot themselves and become pliable once more.

This allows blood to flow freely. Which in turn releases squeezed nerves.

And that frees up the balance system in the ears.

What Christian was telling me sounded convincing enough but I wasn’t really qualified to comment.

But I had continued with the snoring exercises… partly because I was terrified that if I stopped the dizziness would return.

Instead, the very faint background feeling that had remained when all the dizziness had disappeared had now itself gone.

I told Christian that I considered myself cured of snoring and vertigo.

I could almost feel him shaking his head on the phone. He promised to get back to me.

Turns out that over the next 3 months Christian worked on a new program for dizziness and vertigo.

He used the snoring exercises as the base for the program.

He recruited people who already had longer-term dizziness to try out those and some additional exercises he’d devised.

Christian told me that dizziness was a balancing problem.

Eyes, ears and neck control balance.

Bad posture, spine or joint misalignment, muscle tightness, nerve pinches because of tight muscles… it all negatively influences balance.

The different elements build up… then it strikes.

Which is why some vertigo comes on so suddenly.

Now he’d finally clarified cause-and-effect he was able to focus on devising a program

In those 3 months Christian developed and fine-tuned his new program.

And he optimised it to the point that new sufferers were noticing real changes in their condition in days instead of weeks.

These were people whose dizziness had defied explanation.

Who – like me – had been poked and prodded and medicated and tested.

And who still had their symptoms.

Dizziness. Nausea. Sickness.



Except… now they didn’t have it any more.

Coming back to life

You might understand that I was still very cautious about things once my dizziness had gone.

5 months of absolute hell had taught me to stop going out.

It had taught me to stop working.

To stop seeing people.

To stop living, basically.

I had to relearn all that again.

I started slowly. A visitor or two at first… nothing too strenuous.

Then I ventured out for a day.

After two weeks I went back to work for a couple of days a week. That felt so wonderful…

After a month I felt confident enough for a short holiday.

We went hiking for four days and I loved every second of it.

The program that cured my dizziness is now better than ever

Christian successfully completed the testing of his program. He released it as The Natural Vertigo And Dizziness Relief Exercise Program.

The program is comprehensively tried and tested. It works.

Remember, I was one of its pioneers (even though that was an accident!)

Christian’s nearly 4 months of development and testing has resulted in something quite wonderful for anyone with occasional or ongoing experiences of dizziness – and its associated nausea, sickness and other symptoms.

I am back to my normal, pre-vertigo self now. And that was by using his snoring program!

But I am happier than ever.

I don’t think I have the words to describe the despair I felt after 5 months of disabling dizziness.

Or, for that matter, to describe the incredible joy of finding out the wretched affliction was gone.

Even as I write this I can’t help but smile as I recall that first morning… 6:47am….

And no more dizziness.

It might well count as the best day of my life.

Christian’s program has made everything super-easy

He calls it an exercise program.

But the exercises aren’t really exercises. They’re movements rather than anything strenuous.

Some involve you lying down.

Others you can do while watching television.

Some you can do and nobody would even notice you’re doing them.

So they’re certainly not exercises in the way we normally understand exercises.

But they work.

And they work quickly.

Even more quickly than they worked for me. Because my cure was an accidental by-product of his snoring program.

Whereas this Natural Vertigo and Dizziness Relief Exercise Program is purpose-built for the task of relieving you of your dizziness.

Christian tweaked it, tested it on real vertigo sufferers and optimised it for maximum effect.

Isn’t enough enough?

I am so so glad my dizziness has gone.

For a long time I thought I was stuck with it forever.

If I hadn’t had the good fortune of discovering Christian Goodman I don’t know what would have become of me.

I don’t know where I’d be now.

I don’t even want to think about it.

If you’re suffering even half of what I went through I genuinely feel for you.

I’m guessing you’re here reading this because you’ve decided enough is enough.

I don’t blame you. I decided that within a day of my first vertigo attack.

I then had 5 months of it.

Don’t wait that long for your own relief.

Don’t run the risk of putting up with what I had to endure.

It’s awful and you don’t deserve it.

You can have Christian’s Vertigo and Dizziness Relief Program in the next 90 seconds.

And you can start working your way back to a vertigo-free life straight away.

It’s easy to do. And it’s absolutely 100% risk-free.

Results aren’t just promised – they’re guaranteed

It’s possible that you’ve seen several dizziness or vertigo specialists.

Your symptoms though may be as bad as ever.

And if the specialists can’t help you then you might wonder how on earth 5 minutes or so per day of gentle movements is going to make any difference.

That’s a reasonable concern.

We’re conditioned to believe doctors have all the answers.

They do have many of them, it’s true.

But not all of them.

The human body is fantastically complex.

So, inevitably, there are many instances where natural health advocates have provided the simplest of remedies for the most difficult of conditions.

Remedies that defied all our medical profession’s knowledge and understandings.

Christian Goodman’s Natural Vertigo and Dizziness Relief Exercise Program is another of those remedies.

A promise – and your reassurance

This program will work for you in the same way that it has now worked for hundreds of others.

Chriatian already knows this to be the case. So he can happily offer you a simple, no-quibble guarantee:

If 60 days after purchasing the program your dizziness hasn’t totally gone then let him know. He’ll give you your money back. All of it.

The relief program contains simple instructions with pictures illustrating the movements.

Follow the guide and feel the changes as they take place.

The only thing you stand to lose here is your vertigo.

Good riddance, wouldn’t you say?

Click here and let’s get rid of it…

You can’t wait for your dizziness to cure itself

As I found out – and as many other sufferers also discovered – it won’t necessarily just disappear after a few days.

Doctors hope it will – and they sometimes tell you it will. But that’s not always the case.

Days turn into weeks.

Weeks turn into months.

Left unaddressed vertigo and dizziness problems can simply get worse.

That’s exactly what happened to me.

Despite tests, scans and examinations specialists couldn’t find the cause of my awful dizziness.

So it went untreated. And my health deteriorated.

Dizziness led to nausea.

Nausea led to throwing up.

My ears went numb and the ringing in them got louder.

My eyes hurt.

My sleep was so disturbed I awoke more tired than when I went to bed.

In the end I could no longer socialise.

I became very short-tempered and tearful.

If my employer wasn’t so understanding I’d have lost my job.

In all that bleak despair, all that hopelessness I really don’t know how much more I could take.

How much of the damage would be permanent? Beyond repair?

How much longer would it have taken to leave me seriously wanting to end it all?

Don’t put yourself through this

I don’t know you personally but I do know that I don’t want this for you.

I was lucky to discover this program.

I want you to be lucky too.

Those symptoms of yours may already be starting to negatively affect your life.

Get to work on them now – before they finish the job.

That dizziness, the sickness…

It makes sense that the sooner you tackle it the sooner it goes.

The program is effective, it works – and you risk nothing by trying it.

Imagine a life without dizziness.

Imagine a life where you wake up feeling normal – and you stay that way all day…

What does a life free of vertigo mean to you?

If you want your life back you can have your life back.

Just don’t let things go to the point where getting it back might not be possible…

Click below and let’s put things right again. And let’s do it now…

And remember: all you have to lose is your vertigo.

The program works.

The money-back guarantee reflects Christian’s certainty that, having worked for hundreds of others, it will definitely work for you.

So your choice is: do I stay ill and, possibly deteriorate?

Or do I take a risk-free decision and get this thing cured?

Do I swap illness for health?

Do I trade misery of happiness?

You’re here because you’re suffering.

You don’t want to suffer any more.

You’re 90 seconds away from owning a program designed to make things right for you.

Click here and it’s yours.

Click here and let’s end the pain…

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